A few of our boats…

This blog is for and about  m/v C:\[ESC] (pronounced “Sea Escape” – yes ‘there go the geeks’) our current boat – a 34′ Europa style CHB trawler.  She is currently moored at Foss Harbor Marina in Tacoma, Wa.

She is the fourth “real” boat we have owned. Our first boat was a Catalina 27 which we owned for just about a year. We sold her and upgraded to a Catalina 30 which we sailed and cruised in the South Puget Sound area, learning much about boating in the region:


A few years later a couple of two became a family of three, and we decided we were going to do less cruising and more day-trips, so to expand our cruising range, we sold the sailboat and downsized to a 28′ twin-engine Bayliner. This boat did exactly what we expected of it, and we spent a few more years learning how to be power-boaters


As our daughter grew older, we found that we were able to spend longer durations aboard, but we wanted more space. One weekend we were visiting friends and were out walking the docks; we saw an older Europa-style trawler and casually mentioned that in a “couple more years” we would love to buy a boat just like it. Well, a few months later, our friends called us and said that that very same boat was for sale at a can’t-pass-it-up price. We bought her, and after being a 2-boat household for a year, sold the Bayliner.

We haven’t looked back.