Dinette table and cushions

Just a few cell-phone pictures of our in-process project, reupholstering all the cushions in the cabin.

We found that the foam is in good enough shape that we didn’t replace it this time, but instead just covered it in a couple layers of batting. We did put vinyl on the bottom of both cushions to prevent moisture and slipping.

So far we have just spent a couple nights, and got the dinette cushions completed. We took them down to see how they look, and make sure we are on the right track.

dinette%20cushions all%20projects%20one%20pic

The dinette table is just a cheap 1/8″ sheet of acrylic that was about $50 for the sheet from a hardware store. I cut it to size using a $4 cutter, and the corners were added using a hand-planer. Only took about 15 minutes to complete.

The original laminate top was sanded down, and a coat of black spray paint for plastic was applied. The chart was downloaded from the NOAA historical charts website, converted to grayscale, and printed at 36×24.


It’s one of my favorite features in the cabin now. I highly recommend it!

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