My Raspberry Pi board showed up in the mail today. After a few minutes downloading and expanding the operating system, I got the machine up and running:


Thanks to the very helpful walkthrough/tutorial at , I now have version 3.2.0 of OpenCPN running on a brand new Raspberry Pi Model B. At this point I just have it up and running… No charts have been installed, GPS is not hooked up, there are no plugins installed, etc. But OpenCPN is clearly running:


Meanwhile, on the Arduino side of the system, I was playing around with a 128×64 Graphic LCD screen that I had laying around. I plugged it in and found a library written for it that worked with very few changes. I doubt that the Arduino will actually drive an LCD, as it’s not in a convenient location to do so (down near the rudder post), but it was good to see that it worked regardless.