I make fire!

We have been spending most weekends aboard, and plan to continue to do so, but now that it’s starting to get colder we wanted another source of heat.

We have never enjoyed the diesel Force10 stove aboard (it’s dirty, smelly, hard to light, and really not very warm), so we purchased the aftermarket diesel -> propane conversion kit.

Since I need to pull out the existing diesel fuel supply and replace it with the propane version, I first took a look at what that entailed. I quickly concluded that the existing system is old, and corroded, and not up to standard so I think it was time to upgrade. I sketched out the following plan, and it’s almost exactly what ended up being built:


We don’t have a ton of in-process pictures, but one of the most interesting portions of the project was drilling out the rivets to the existing diesel burner assembly:

We then riveted in the new propane burner assembly:

After running a new propane line outside to the tank connection (T’d with individual ball valves), installing a new solenoid and control panel, performing a quick leak test, and then quite a while purging the system of air. FIRE!

And after some cleanup, it looked very good.

I need to do a more thorough leak test as well as run a new line to the stove later this week, as I found the existing copper tubing to be extremely brittle and corroded. Happily, my addition of gas-rated ball valves to the system allowed me to close that line, and still work on the isolated fireplace line while the new fuel line is ordered and shipped.

Overall, not a bad project, and one I wouldn’t hesitate to do again.

Fire good.

4 thoughts on “I make fire!”

  1. I am wondering what the cost of your conversion was in total with new lines and valves. And where you sourced your parts from. Very nice job looks great!

    1. $250 for the Force10 conversion
      $150 for the solenoid and panel
      $200 for two long propane runs
      $60 for the two LPG rated valves
      $80 for the regulator
      Probably another $50 on brass fittings and etc

      Miscellaneous sources, mostly Ebay, Defender.com, and local hardware stores.

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