I make Fire! Again!

As mentioned in I make Fire (the first time), the propane system we inherited when we purchased our boat was old, corroded, and out of compliance with the most recent regulations.

The existing Magic Chef range and oven, while it worked in that it produced a good flame, did not have a propane thermocouple. This little safety device is designed to shut down the flow of propane in the event that the flame is extinguished for some reason. So for the past year, whenever we used it, we had to be careful that the flame didn’t blow out and fill the cabin with explosive propane gas. In short, it needed to be replaced.

20140525_142236 20140525_142218

Unfortunately, marine stoves and ranges cost over $1000, even online, so we decided to go with an RV model at less than a third the cost. It has 3 cooktop burners, an oven/broiler, and yes, a thermocouple. It also has a piezo-ignition so that we don’t need to light from a match or lighter, just click the button.

This weekend we installed it.  After removing the old stove, we cleaned the recessed area, cut away and pulled out the old corroded copper lines, and ran a brand new LPG rubber hose from the tank outside to the appliance.

20140525_143124 20140525_171053

The next step was to install the new range. Of course no boat project can go completely smoothly, and in this case the range that was shipped to us was the larger model than the one we had ordered. It didn’t fit into the cutout by 1/4″. So I had to use a router and cut away a bit of the wall. After that, the range slid into place perfectly.


The last step was to connect the propane hose to the T in the cockpit, turn on the valve and solenoid, drain the air from the line (just a few seconds), and test:

20140601_182032 20140601_182053

Fire hot. Fire good.